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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

pie in the sky

Where the world is colorful,
And I would wait till eternity,
To sit beside you, beautiful,
Wishing it were a reality.

Ever have you dreamt a dream?
So full of happiness,
It makes you alive and scream,
Driving away the dark emptiness.

We walked hand in hand,
Scented but brisk was the breeze,
To our far away land,
As we cuddled not to freeze.

The path filled with fun,
The more close we got,
I open my arms and I run,
To feel your body hot.

Courage your company lends,
A stall of hot cross bun and the stream of the meadow,
As the road bends,
Two were we but casted one bright shadow.

Neither waned I to be awakened from the dream,
Nor would I fall asleep in it,
As your eyes gleam,
In my fingers yours fit.

So close were we,
To the castle of love,
Yet I miss thee,

The things and the joy,
Your enchanting voice called out “oy!!”
As the dream got shallow,
Nearer I was to sorrow.

Each other as we face,
Legs half dipped in the meadow dear,
Golden bright sun and your eyes of grace,
Only I woke up with running tears.

Alas! Tears they fade,
So does the dream,
But I smile in pain,
Wishing this was all real.


  1. Awwww!!! <3 Im in love with this poem!! :) :) It's too good!, No words...!!

  2. awesome poem....................................loving it