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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

---The Rainbow---

Dark clouds engulfing the bright sun,

Taking away the comfort in the warmth of your hug.

Furious winds making it more chaotic,
To trace the path that would lead me back to you.

Then follows the rain,
Making it difficult to look up at the sky & wander in search of you.

Trees have fallen,
Obstructing me to reach you over this long distance.

My screams are out sounded by the thundering,
And the crazy lightnings that scare me into hiding.

The smell of the rain at first gave me a happy thought,
Which later on only added to the pain of separation I was suffering.

My tears went unnoticed,
For the rain covered it up.

I shouted louder, but waited longer.
I tried harder, and I ran faster.
The path lead nowhere, you must be farther.

For once I wanted to stop & head back to where I started from,
Only afraid to continue, but more scared to give up.

A faded vision of the world behind is what I see from where I stand,
And far emerged some colorful thing.
Which I sure was a strong imagination, of what you look like,
For I was lost in your face & charm.

But it grew only brighter & vivid,
Bringing back the lost hope & driving away the darkness of the clouds.
That is when I started to feel,
You were holding me from behind & so warm I was as the dew cleared away,
As the wind blew harder.

There smiled THE RAINBOW,
Like the Gods blessing from the above.