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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Should I Quit...??

Never was it a question whether you loved me or not,
Because your words distinctly answer that…
But now it is whether you love only me,

Or is anyone else just like me…???

Say it out if you want not me,
I feel bad and I would regret…
For having come into your life and have lived in a dream…
I understand it hurt sometime,
I repent and am sorry after,
I trust you with my whole heart,
But I don’t want to repent to having trusted you…

It quite a time since it all happened,
I feel bad and I am sad…
You too may be are feeling the same way I do,
I know…
But now I am struck and confused,
Left with an unanswered question striking my mind…
Should I quit….???
And your actions are the answer…..


  1. good ra...great goin.....i wana see more of it...preferably diffrnt subject....

  2. yes sure dude...i ll try wat al i can do...:)

  3. Hey correct the typo, It quit(e) a time since it all happened...

    Keep them coming...ATB.