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Saturday, December 31, 2011

With The Swing Of The Racquet

The bright sun,
And the Violet turfs,
With the swing of the racquet,
The ball surfs….

High energy,
Full josh,
The crowd roars,
And lose their hosh…

Tie breakers, Set breakers, Match points, Set points,
All these terms together,
Keep us spell bound forever…

The fenced wall to keep the crowd out,
Referee decides the in & out.
The ball bounces to & fro,
All with the swing of the racquet …

Fore hand to smash the ball,
And back hand to volley,
Thud!! Goes the ball,
And it’s no more a melancholy …

The hard clay,
And the green glass,
A thousand of fans,
To see you play…

Either Mr. Federer,
Or Mr. Nadal,
All that decides,
Is the swing of the racquet …

To win & to lose is all a part of the game,
Either you or I would rise to the fame,
To rise to fame like a tail lit rocket,
Is all decided by the swing of the racquet….

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