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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Faccha Baccha

Eyelids heavy to open,
Eyes fully red..
Body unwilling,
To get up from the bed..

Pulling out the mobile,
To check for a message..
Head seems pounding,
Asking for a massage..
Jump out  of  the bed,
Or U will be late..

Now use the rest room,
Rush to the classroom..
Don’t forget the axe,
And books from the racks..

Lock the room,
Its time to VROOOOOOM!!

Peddling the cycle,
In the lovely dawn..
Cool breeze gushes the face,
Around the beautiful lawn..

Lost in dreams,
In a world of cream..
Until someone shouts,
It’s the road in KGP..
Not the circuit in MOTO-GP…

Hey it’s the ET class,
And a sudden rush of adrenaline is felt..
The legs peddle a bit faster,
Of course in the class I need to be smarter..

The time passes by,
An hour like an year..
60 times I have seen my watch,
Oops! Its in a single minute..

After the boring lectures,
Peddling back to the hall..
The stale meal,
Feels like hell..

Now in a cross roads,
Weather a practical class..
Or a bunk in mass..

Crossroads were a maze,
And lead only to the destiny..
It may sound odd,
But even I am amazed..

Back from the destiny,
Rush back to the mess..
Now time for MASTI,
Let’s play some BASKI..

Its  EIGHT again,
The day with no gain..
Class were all pain,
Bunking them went in vain..


  1. very nice swthrt.................

  2. Nice and elegant. expressive words. well appreciated thoughts and of course all the best ra !! CAPTAIN :P :P