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Friday, August 29, 2014

That one smile!!

When surrounded by none,
But the familiar walls,
Walls that speak for all the fun,
And those dark depths into where our heart falls.

When judged by none,
None other than you!!
Faint breeze & a few rays of Sun,
Now you start to think who always was there for you.

Walking past those asphalt roads,
Once you noticed less,
And with every passing time  memories erode, only painting a new picture of our past,
From all the mess.

When laying awake amidst all the variations that a night has to offer,
You are struck trying to relate,
This darkness similar to a similar one from the past,
Just letting the night chauffer,
Though heart is fragile & delicate.

The one smile that makes you smile,
And you know who has always been there for you,
None but,
That one smile!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Not the end

For all hours, 
Seem the same, 
Neither the night nor the day,
Flickered the candle flame,
Closed doors were so, 
And curtains of guilt, 
Kept the sun low, 
You indeed knew less, 
From that quick glance while you walk across the floor.

All I did was wrong, 
Or am I not being strong,
Bother not to give all this a thought, 
I decided, 
It yields no good but, 
An endless grief. 

A fallen pollen might, 
Sprout out tiny roots, 
Foolish is a withered leaf, 
Hoping to get green. 
Who you to know, 
What i am, 
For pollen & leaf once, 
Belong to the very same tree. 

All music, 
I sway to the tunes of, 
Every word I relate myself to,
The lyrics it is made of, 
Sorrow & joy work, 
Like in shifts, 
For a minute I smile, 
The next I am fragile. 

Far not is when, 
Awake I shall be, 
Like the giant shadow,
Over casting, 
All my burning pain, 
Calm I am, 
Like the storm soon gonna come.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Boundaries of love?

How much to love?
How much to express?

To what extent to try to define?
How harder to struggle to understand?

How farther to go to find?
How just to ignore?

How wild to turn to prove?
How wise to give up?

Follow who to feel safe?
Forget why you fall for for?

How sweet to taste?
Why painful to hurt?

Till when to wait?
This lust is must?

How hasty to hate?
How frightened of fate?

How soon to surrender?
How strong to fight for?

Boundaries of love?
But how..... 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

pie in the sky

Where the world is colorful,
And I would wait till eternity,
To sit beside you, beautiful,
Wishing it were a reality.

Ever have you dreamt a dream?
So full of happiness,
It makes you alive and scream,
Driving away the dark emptiness.

We walked hand in hand,
Scented but brisk was the breeze,
To our far away land,
As we cuddled not to freeze.

The path filled with fun,
The more close we got,
I open my arms and I run,
To feel your body hot.

Courage your company lends,
A stall of hot cross bun and the stream of the meadow,
As the road bends,
Two were we but casted one bright shadow.

Neither waned I to be awakened from the dream,
Nor would I fall asleep in it,
As your eyes gleam,
In my fingers yours fit.

So close were we,
To the castle of love,
Yet I miss thee,

The things and the joy,
Your enchanting voice called out “oy!!”
As the dream got shallow,
Nearer I was to sorrow.

Each other as we face,
Legs half dipped in the meadow dear,
Golden bright sun and your eyes of grace,
Only I woke up with running tears.

Alas! Tears they fade,
So does the dream,
But I smile in pain,
Wishing this was all real.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

fools' paradise

deep beneath in the eyes of the fierce tiger,
you find a deep sorrow & sad guilt.

in the bravest of the soldiers,
there is also is the kindest being.

rose the king of flowers,
had surrounded it self in pain.

death where is,
is where birth too is.

after being hurt,
also we still hope.

dearth always balances,
abundance of elsewhere.

even amid an ocean,
thirst still prevails.

the happiest of the jokers,
couldn't defy death.

oh poor love,
cruelty shadows over it.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Every fallen seed,
And the withered leaf.
Understand their need,
Follow their lead.

A new leaf starts to bud,
Taking the place of the withered leaf.
That fallen seed,
Is what now is a new weed.

Every evaporated drop of water,
Shall come back to earth.
All stars lost in space farther,
Shine bright when watched with faith.

A closed door,
Isn't the end of your path.
Find surely you will, 
Another way down the hill,
But not to halt. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

---The Rainbow---

Dark clouds engulfing the bright sun,

Taking away the comfort in the warmth of your hug.

Furious winds making it more chaotic,
To trace the path that would lead me back to you.

Then follows the rain,
Making it difficult to look up at the sky & wander in search of you.

Trees have fallen,
Obstructing me to reach you over this long distance.

My screams are out sounded by the thundering,
And the crazy lightnings that scare me into hiding.

The smell of the rain at first gave me a happy thought,
Which later on only added to the pain of separation I was suffering.

My tears went unnoticed,
For the rain covered it up.

I shouted louder, but waited longer.
I tried harder, and I ran faster.
The path lead nowhere, you must be farther.

For once I wanted to stop & head back to where I started from,
Only afraid to continue, but more scared to give up.

A faded vision of the world behind is what I see from where I stand,
And far emerged some colorful thing.
Which I sure was a strong imagination, of what you look like,
For I was lost in your face & charm.

But it grew only brighter & vivid,
Bringing back the lost hope & driving away the darkness of the clouds.
That is when I started to feel,
You were holding me from behind & so warm I was as the dew cleared away,
As the wind blew harder.

There smiled THE RAINBOW,
Like the Gods blessing from the above.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Words are truly from heart & are not copied from else where. You are free to use them but credit me. 
  • When you want to save someone from falling into trap, they often fall into it & pull along too..
  • You will only find it when you are ought to find it even when it is beside you or even when it is your own self...
  • Even when you say the truth a girl never keeps quite until she listens what she thought the truth was...
  • It is said that God can't be on earth so he created Mom but I say Mom can't be everywhere with us so we have Friends!!
  • An artist who can appreciate the art of other artist is truly an artist...
  • I may not be the secret of your smile, but I don't want to be the reason of your tears!!
  • When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change our feeling for them coz it's the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares..
  • Sacrificing your own happiness for the joy your beloved ones in my opinion is the truest form of Love!!
  • Some people the reason of our lives, but some people become our lives...
  • Start your day Love & Love will you carry you throughout the day...
  • When someone says that you are lucky to have them in your life, what they actually mean is that they are really lucky they have you in their lives...
  • Beautiful thoughts cross our minds when we interact with beautiful people...
  • Even after being surrounded by thousands of people if someone feels lost, he is lost in love!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Should I Quit...??

Never was it a question whether you loved me or not,
Because your words distinctly answer that…
But now it is whether you love only me,

Or is anyone else just like me…???

Say it out if you want not me,
I feel bad and I would regret…
For having come into your life and have lived in a dream…
I understand it hurt sometime,
I repent and am sorry after,
I trust you with my whole heart,
But I don’t want to repent to having trusted you…

It quite a time since it all happened,
I feel bad and I am sad…
You too may be are feeling the same way I do,
I know…
But now I am struck and confused,
Left with an unanswered question striking my mind…
Should I quit….???
And your actions are the answer…..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The dew drenched bench,
The rusted bench,
The dirty path,
And the shattered pieces of glass.

A cool breeze,
The howling wolf,
Sound of the waters hitting the shore,
And that shabby little whore.

Far across the street a blinding light,
Beautiful white and very bright,
Mistaken to be the moon,
Which has not yet rose in the sky to its full height.

Few more steps closer,
Not a moon I find,
I found a street light,
Fog hid the lamppost behind.

Mom I was afraid,
Not of death,
But how would I make out,
Of the cruel world's depth.

I was brought to this far away place,
Where even the flying butterflies often left me amazed,
I held Papa's finger tight,
He motivated me not to fright.

I and Papa weren’t in the same room,
All the daylong I spent with a broom,
Every time I cleaned the corridor floor,
An officer would spit across the door,
And say in a harsh sarcastic tone,
“Do it again fella!!”.

I thought it was some kind of a game we were in,
Where the most obedient wins,
Only later I realized,
I was a top with no spin.

Very less of Papa I see now-a-days,
But I really miss how a lot more,
Days were full of work,
And sleep was a hard luck!!

Many nights I spent crying,
Wondering what Papa was doing,
After a very long time I got a call to visit Papa’s cell,
It just resembled me the feared hell.

Neither was he weak nor was he ill,
Fellow prisoners said that he was threatened to be killed,
I never even in my scariest of the dreams I dreamt of it,
To be all by myself and mourn for at my Papa’s feet,
He was murdered brutally,
I witnessed the cruelty at its peak.

No one to care,
And nowhere to go,
Now that I decided to escape,
But didn’t know how..??

A decade and a half of careful planning,
For the right moment to escape I was waiting,
Alas!! I am out now where I dreamt of,
Unfortunately it’s not the same as it thought of.

I go back in there I die,
And I walk forward too I die,
But I will never back down,
I would gypsy from town to town.

I will fly away to a place really very far,
Where I would no more be a PRISONER OF THE WAR!!